Highway 30 church of Christ

1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd.(Highway 30) Guyton GA

(912) 728-3819

Sermons July - Dec. 2016

*Sermons by Darrin Morehouse
*Righteousness Leads to Victory 07-03-16 AM
Filling your Spiritual Tank --William Solomons-- 07-10-16 AM *Dealing with Anxiety 07-10-16 PM
*Change is a Challenge 07-17-16 AM *Do you Fear the Lord 07-17-16 PM
*Shall We Sit Here While Our Brother 07-24-16 AM *What About Angels 07-24-16 PM
*Marks of a Dead Church 07-31-16 AM *Do You Care 07-31-16 PM
*A Proper Husband Wife Relationship 08-07-16 AM
*Communication Mistakes 08-14-16 AM *For What Cause 08-14-16 PM
*Unfulfilled Promises of Politicians 08-21-16 AM The Power of God -- Charles Mancil -- 08-21-16 PM
*Cafeteria Religion 08-28-16 AM *Tossed to and Fro 08-28-16 PM
*Worry Takes Away Joy 09-04-16 AM
Is Salvation Free -- Charles Mancil -- 09-11-16 AM Slaves of Sin or Servants of Righteousness -- Michael Meals -- 09-11-16 PM
*Weakness Of Samson 09-18-16 AM *Showing Grace Through Encouragement 09-18-16 PM
*Participating in God's Grace 09-25-16 AM *Reasons For Misunderstanding 09-25-16 PM
*Showing Grace to Your Enemies 10-02-16 AM
Making Choices -- Charles Mancil 10-16-16 AM *Loving Like Jesus 10-16-16 PM
*Blessed are the Poor in Spirit 10-23-16 AM *Blessed are They Who Mourn 10-23-16 PM
*Blessed are the Meek 10-30-16 AM Why the Gospel Needs to Be Shared -- Michael Meals 10-30-16 PM
*Blessed Are they Who Hunger Thirst After Righteousness 11-06-16 AM
*Why the President Does Not Matter 11-13-16 AM Together We Stand -- William Solomons -- 11-13-16 PM
*Blessed are the Merciful 11-20-16 AM A Psalm of Thanksgiving -- Charles Mancil -- 11-20-16 PM
*Blessed are the Pure in Heart 11-27-16 AM *Wonderful Works of God 11-27-16 PM
*Blessed are the Peacemakers 12-04-16 AM
*Blessed are the Persecuted 12-11-16 AM *False Doctrine of the Sinners Prayer 12-11-16 PM
*You Are the Salt of the Earth 12-18-16 AM *You are the Light 12-18-16 PM
*The Signifacance of the Virgin Birth 12-25-16 AM

Highway 30 church of Christ 

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