Highway 30 church of Christ

1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd.(Highway 30) Guyton GA

(912) 728-3819

Sermons Jan. - June 2015

*Sermons by Darrin Morehouse
*Maturing Through Discipline Life 01-04-15 AM
*Maturing Through a Coopertive Spirit 01-11-15 AM *Calling on the Name of the Lord 01-11-15 PM
Choosing the Right Path -- Charles Mancil 01-18-15 AM Why I Am a Member of the Church of Christ -- William Solomons 01-18-15 PM
*Maturing-Overcoming Discouragement 01-25-15 AM *Q&A Do Biblical People have Last Names 01-25-15 PM
*The Challenge to Lift Up Christ 02-08-15 AM *Why People Are Lost 02-08-15 PM
*Accomplishing Our Mission 02-15-15 AM *Ordinary People 02-15-15 PM
*Making Christianity Attractive 02-22-15 AM *A Vessel Unto Honor 02-22-15 PM
*Where Are You Running_ 03-01-15 AM
*Gluttony 03-8-15 AM *Introduction to the Bible 03-8-15 PM
*Conditions of Acceptable Prayer 03-15-15 AM *The Origin of the Bible 03-15-15 PM
*God Is With You 03-22-15 AM *Why Study the Bible 03-22-15 PM
*What Does It Mean to Have Faith 03-29-15 AM *DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME 04-05-15 PM
*A Spiritual Exam of Our Feet 04-12-15 AM *Since He Came into My Life 04-12-15 PM
*Set Your House in Order 04-19-15 AM *The Lord's Supper - Unworthy Manner 04-19-15 PM
*4 Facts of Faith 04-26-15 AM *A Christ Centerd Church 05-03-15 AM
Tribute To Mothers -- Charles Mancil 05-10-15 AM Light of the World -- Charles Mancil 05-10-15 PM
*Opinion vs. Revelation 05-17-15 AM
Gospel Meeting May 2015
*By What Authority Do Ye These Things 05-17-15 PM Has God's Pattern of Worship Changed? -- Bobby Lairsey -- 05-18-15 PM
Has God's Plan of Salvations Changed --- Allan Wright-- 05-19-15 PM Is Insrtumental Music in Worship Valid Pt 1-- Charles Mancil-- 05-20-15 PM
Is Instrumental Music in Worship Valid Pt 2 Charles Mancil-- 05-24-15 PM
*Christian Clothing 05-24-15 AM
*Who Fits in the church of Christ 05-31-15 AM *Heed the Warnings 05-31-15 PM
*The Perils of Pride 06-07-15 AM
*Why the Bible is Relevant Today 06-14-15 AM What Why And How to Preach the Gospel -- William Solomons -- 06-14-15 PM
*When Father Does Best -- Charles Mancil 06-21-15 AM *Don't Leave Jesus Behind -- Charles Mancil 06-21-15 PM
*What We Learn From Children 06-28-15 AM We Preach Not Ourselves -- William Solomons -- 06-28-15 PM

Highway 30 church of Christ 

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