Highway 30 church of Christ

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Jan - June, 2014 Sermons

*Sermons by Darrin Morehouse
*Are you covered Spiritual Insurance 01-05-14 AM
*Can Man be Saved Without the Gospel 01-12-14 AM *The Power of Prayer 01-12-14 PM
Why Was Jesus Baptized Charles Mancil 01-19-14 AM Living Right with Righteous Company William Solomons 01-19-14 PM
*Can We Know the Bible is the Word 01-26-14 AM *Are you Buzzard or a Honeybee_ 01-26-14 PM
*Rejecting Gifts from God 02-02-14 AM
*Identfying the Church Built by Jesus 02-09-14 AM *Realizing Our Potential 02-09-14 PM
*Jesus, Our Precious Stone 02-16-14 AM *Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God 02-16-14 PM
*Apostasy Can it Happen 02-23-14 AM *By Grace Through Faith Ye are Saved 02-23-14 PM
*Spiritual Blessings in Christ 03-02-14 AM
*Man's Disobedience 1 03-09-14 AM *That's Your Interpretation 1 03-09-14 PM
A Reason for Hope -- Bob Bauer 03-16-14 AM Love is -- William Solomons 03-16-14 PM
* Five Ways We Must Serve God 03-23-14 AM * The 4 Ways of the Lord's Supper 03-23-14 PM
*Consider Your Ways 03-30-14 AM *Integrity Like Abimelech 03-30-14 PM
*The Gospel of Challenge 04-06-14 AM
*Is it Real or is it Memorex 04-13-14 AM An Operation for your Soul -- William Solomons 04-13-14 PM
*Evidence Christ has Risen 04-20-14 AM *Strengthening our Congregation 04-20-14 PM
*O' Ye of Little Faith 04-27-14 AM *Not Faith Alone 04-27-14 PM
*The Worlds View vs God's View 05-18-14 AM *Traditional Family Under Attack 05-18-14 PM
The Role of the Father_Husband -- Riley Nelson 05-20-14 PM The Role of the Wife_Mother -- Jason Gambol 05-21-14 PM
*A Soldier Like Stephen 05-25-14 AM *Puttting on the Armor of God 05-25-14 PM
*Is Being a Good Person Good Enough 06-01-14 AM
*Why do Good People Do Bad Things 06-08-14 AM *Why We Need a Standard of Authority 06-08-14 PM
*Get Right With God 06-15-14 AM *Authority- Reason and Revelation 06-15-14 PM
*Evil, Pain and Suffering 06-22-14 AM *Could, Would, Should Have 06-22-14 PM
The Steps to Joy -- Charles Mancil 06-29-14 AM Which Way to Run -- William Solomons 06-29-14 PM

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